OM Gossip #1

So, as many other folks do these days, also we at Otomatik Muziek decided to switch to the substack newsletter format. Being bored by the attention-flashing algos of insta and fb, this might be a suitable format for our rather slow meanderings, and a good way to spread some infos about our own tapes, releases by our friends, things that seem genuinely interesting to us, and more general musings about life. Sorry if you get this newsletter by error - just unsubscribe down below.

So, first a quick note: US customers can now order our stuff directly through The Business. Japanese customers can buy their OM tapes soonish via Tobira Records, and the folks at Amek Collective not only publish a great substack newsletter, but also did an interview with Taka from Tobira. Worth checking out!

Our next tape, “Hermetic Topography” by Zebularin, will be out on 22.2.2021, more on that in the next newsletter, but if you want to do some research about the Stuttgart-based free music collective, check out their releases on Steep Gloss and Cruel Nature.

In the meantime: we still have some LEVELS tapes left in our shop. Funny story by the way: in December, I sent the Levels’ share of tapes in their direction, but, despite sending the package via tracked shipping, the tapes never arrived. Postal service claims they were delivered. If any one of you got smart ideas about how to hunt down these tapes, drop me a line!

Speaking of tapes (well what else do we talk about…) - in November, our friends over at Granny Records released an astonishing tape by Mike Weis, 49 Days (Music For A Transition), structured around two heavily processed field recordings, and most definitely my zen record of 2020 - and somehow its transitive aspects might help reflect some of you the heavy transitions going on. Gossip content: Weis is also the drummer of Zelienople, a great postrock/jazz/drone/ghostsong band from Chicago.

Also, here’s an end-of-times-hymn by Les Trucs, which made me feel super nostalgic yesterday, because it is a great song and because it reminded me of live shows. How unbelievably awfully fantastic was that, going to such shows every other night? Prepare for a long year, be kind to each other, eat more soup, listen to more tapes.

End transmission 1.

Ambassador Kaputt